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Father Raymond Finch
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Sep 10 at 4:42 AM
"Love is not optional"

"Owe nothing to anyone, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law."​

Romans 13:8
Dear Deacon Nguyen,

19 hijackers, four planes... 2,996 souls lost, 6,000 injured...
Commercial airplanes became weapons of war on Sept. 11, 2001, and Maryknoll priests Reverends Raymond Nobiletti, M.M. and Francis A. Diffley, M.M. were on the front lines.

Father Diffley, who has since gone to be with the Lord, counseled the bereaved at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue. Re-reading his MARYKNOLL® Magazine article of January 2002, I was reminded of the sinking of the Titanic: Julliard students softly played chamber music in the Armory as hundreds awaited news of their loved ones. And in a sense it was a sinking, a sinking of innocence. But even in the heaviness of despair, love triumphed. "People donated food in abundance," Father Diffley said."

Father Nobiletti witnessed uninformed and plain-clothed heroes emerging from the smoke, falling steel and debris to help those in need. He ministered to the injured and dying in a triage location near the South Tower and narrowly escaped as its top 20 floors began collapsing. "...each of us in our own way will have the opportunity to experience a 9/11 in our lives," said the priest from Transfiguration Church in New York City in his September/October 2016 MARYKNOLL® Magazine article, "when we are called to risk all we have for the good of others".

Prayer for 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lord Jesus,
Set Your Holy Cross ever before my eyes
that in the midst of my own hardships and suffering
I might never forget the pain You willingly endured
for love of me and of all the world.

When darkness surrounds me
let Your cross be my unfailing light.
When the problems of life overwhelm me
may I cling to Your cross as my one,
sure life raft in a hostile sea.

When storm clouds threaten to delay or defeat me,
see! Your cross offers true shelter till the tempest passes.
And when at length I too must depart this world,
may Your cross be my blessed transport
to heavenly bliss.


~ Father Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.
Dinh, we follow the way of Christ by responding with kindness and love in the face of evil. Even an act as horrific as 9/11 can take on a different meaning when we respond out of love. Paul tells the Church in Rome that our only debt to our Lord and each other is love, and that there is a limited amount of time for us to pay that debt by doing His works of righteousness. May we be able to respond to our 9/11 experience out of love.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Raymond J. Finch, M.M.

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